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Campaign Work

Daleelah Sada is a Political Campaign Director. Daleelah is super passionate about social justice issues and the Democratic Electoral Process. In 2022, Daleelah was a field director on Juan Carrillo's victorious primary election race for the California State Assembly. Also, in 2022, Daleelah oversaw Angelique Ashby's successful general election campaign for the California State Senate. Ashby became the first woman in twenty years to represent Sacramento in the State Senate. In 2021, Daleelah was a supervisor on the successful Gavin Newsom Campaign "No on the Recall". In addition to electoral work, Daleelah currently works on many state initiatives such as Care First and Community Investment (CFCI), a justice reform effort that seeks to fund community organizations that provide services that aid in decreasing recidivism rates. She also worked as a Director on the state-wide effort to vaccinate California during the pandemic, Vaccine ALL 58. Daleelah received a B.A. in Communications and Film from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently seeking an M.A. in government at Harvard University.

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